Trans and Feminist Friendly Gender Resources

The following resources are a selection of my favourite links for developing awareness of gender and gender variance. They cover numerous topics, and are varied in their approach and level.

This page is not a 101 but can be used for professional development or personal exploration. It is intended to open minds to the complexity of gender and its many-layered narratives.

The page is a work in progress; please feel free to make any suggestions in the comments.


Lana [Matrix co-director] Wachowski’s (amazing) HRC visibility award acceptance speech

Laverne Cox’s speech at Creating Change 2014

Interview with Laverne Cox

My Genderation, CN  [About being Genderqueer][more great stories at My Genderation]

6 Months on T Comparison [A trans man speaks to his pre-testosterone self]

Trans people in the media

Two-Spirits in American Indian Culture

Daphna Joel – Are brains male or female? [excellent TED talk]

Understanding Gender Expression Diversity [very informative online lecture]

Female & Male Identity: Looking The Part [A Diva magazine hosted seminar at the Women of the World Festival 2013]


Myths about transition regrets

Stop Confusing Gender Dysphoria with Body Dismorphia Already

Conversations with a Gender Therapist: 5 Things You Can Do to Promote Transgender Awareness

Another Sex/Gender Controversy [A pretty good exploration of many of the controversies around defining sex and gender]

Response to Dr. Jack Drescher and the New York Times About Childhood Transition: Part 1: [A helpful response to those who question whether children can know they are transgender]

I’m a transgender woman, and this is what it’s like [One woman debunks some of the myths]

Gender Abolition as Colonisation [a good analysis of the transcultural issues attached to our western debates on gender]

The Myth of Shared Female Experience and How It Perpetuates Inequality

Not your mom’s trans 101

Transgender History: Trans Expression in Ancient Times

Web pages:

Assigned Male – a webcomic about the life of a trans girl

Sylvia Riviera Law Project – trans 101

Trans Media Watch

Transgender Rights Europe

What is intersex? 

Gender Wiki

Books and Film:

Janet Mock – redefining Realness

Julia Serano – Whipping Girl: A Transsexual woman on sexism and the scapegoating of femininity [a feminist analysis of the position of trans woman in society that highlights society’s overall attitudes to all things feminine]

Ari Lev – Transgender Emergence: Therapeutic Guidelines for Working With Gender-Variant People and Their Families:

Kate Bornstein – Gender Outlaw

Kate Bornstein – My Gender Workbook 

Judith Butler – Gender Trouble: Feminism and the Subversion of Identity

Cordelia Fine – Delusions of Gender [a wonderful examination of the science of sex difference]

Jackie Kay – Trumpet [A novel about a jazz musician assigned female at birth but living as a man]

Transgender-friendly books for kids [I haven’t read these but the link was too useful not to include!]

Transgender characters that changed film and television

Academic Papers

Update on the Biology of Transgender Identity
[everything you wanted to know about the science of gender variance – and actually readable]

Research note: intersexuality, feminism and the case for gender binaries

Cultural Cisgenderism Consequences of the Imperceptible

Information PDFs

A guide for young trans people in the UK

Guidelines and Literature Review for Psychologists Working Therapeutically with Sexual and Gender Minority Clients

Domestic Violence: A resource for trans people

DSM V Gender Dysphoria Fact Sheet

Working therapeutically with LGBTI clients: a practice wisdom resource

Understanding Non-binary People

UK support for trans people

GIRES: Information for trans people, their families and the professionals who care for them

Broken Rainbow: 08452 60 44 60 for LGBT (GSM) victims and survivors of DVA

The Gender Trust

Gendys Network

Imaan: LGBTQI Muslim support group

Two:23: LGBT Christian page. Includes a list of National LGBT Christian groups in the UK

PFLAG: Support for Parents, Friends & Family of Lesbians and Gay People (Trans inclusive)

UKIA: UK Intersex Assossiation

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